Agricultural Division offers a wide range of products including fertilizers, agro-chemicals, seeds, farming machinery, greenhouses and systems for water management and irrigation. As well as equipment and supplies, we provide advice on the most suitable methods of cultivation and post-harvest solution


Communications Division has specialists in all of the latest sophisticated communication technologies: mobile phone and radio communications, computer networks, digital systems, telephone systems, satellite communications, UPS, cabling systems, CCTV and other services


We provide a wide choice of infrastructure equipment that is essential for modern business and lifestyles, such as power generation, air conditioning, lighting, heating, security and water filtration.We source and supply building materials, tools, and machinery for manufacturing and industry and we are pioneers in generating and distributing renewable energy.
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As a way to give back to the community, Balton Tanzania provides latest equipment and technology to prevent disease such as long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets (LLINs), hygienic facilities for public places, effective water treatments and pest controls which all have been approved by the World Health Organization.
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